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Saturday, December 7, 2013

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Turn your child's bedroom, playroom or bathroom into a fun frog pond 

  Cattails Wall Decals                           Reeds Wall Decals   

frog theme bedrooms - frog theme decor -Legare Frog Bed and Bookcase Set

Legare Frog Bed and Bookcase Set
Hop on over to dreamland with the Legaré Frog bed and bookcase set.
Legare Kids Furniture green

Rub a dub dub - a froggy in a tub

Frogs are a great decorating theme for
boys bedrooms, girls bedrooms and the baby nursery

Big frogs, small frogs, green frogs, brown frogs

Few variants for decorating the froggy themed bedrooms 

backyard theme
with pond critters, colorful centipedes, butterflies, dragonflies, gold fish and turtles, swirly snails and fun-loving frogs.

jungle theme
with tree frogs

touch of  vintage  with  Beatrix Potter's  Mr. Jeremy Fisher

and for the little girls pretty in pink with splashes of green frogs 

The Princess and the Frog
- Prince Charming is just a kiss away.

And for twins or  boys and girls sharing a bedroom,  decorate one half of the room with frogs for the boys and rubber duckies for the girls and bring it together in the middle with a splashing pond with plants and cute critters.

frog pond wall murals at magic murals

Frog Single Bed Sleeping Bag Pad Sofa Bed Mattress frog pond wall mural

Frog Bed Sleeping Bag at aliexpress fun beds

variety of  Forest wall murals at nature murals at murals your way

Frog Pond Rug - available in a variety of sizes

A Pond in the Country wall mural at murals your way

Green Lovely Frogs Kids 4-Piece Duvet Cover Set A Pond in the Country wall mural

Frog Design Bedroom Rugs

Frog duvet covers - variety of styles and sizes - search at  cafepress bedding

Leaf  bed canopy                          variety of wall letter decorations here

Frog Nightlight Desk Table Lamp Night for Baby Adults Bedroom Christmas Gift

variety of cloud theme decor here

Can be used as a dirty clothes hamper or for clothes storage or storage for toys

cattail and reeds wall mural at murals your way

Green Frog Nursery Theme 

In The Pond crib bedding features sweet frogs, ducks, turtles along with buzzing bees and dragonflies around a scenic pond complete with lily pads and cattails. Add a cute touch to your nursery with this adorable Carter's In The Pond Rug in the shape of a sweet smiling frog. Decorate your nursery with the delightful Carter's In The Pond Lamp Base and Shade featuring a hand painted resin base decorated with a cute 3D frog sitting atop a turtle and topped with a pretty shade covered in a tender yellow print and striped border.

Love that fabulous look of custom painted wall murals and expensive hand-painted furniture you see in all the best home decorating magazines? Ever wish you had your own personal mural artist or decorator to help you create your very own personalized designs? Wish you had the time, talent, or budget to create exciting, whimsical one-of-a-kind bedrooms or playrooms for the kids? Looking for something easy, but snappy and fun for a couple of dull, boring rooms? ......

Murals and wall decals - the easy fun way to personalize and decorate your walls and furniture, create stunning one of a kind accessories and more - let your imagination run wild!

Purple frog theme bedroom decor

visit the Frog Theme Bedrooms for links to above shown goodies

included Diaper Bag with Changing Pad & Bottle Case

Prince Charming is just a kiss away with Teamson’s Magic Garden Toy Chest. A friendly green frog bounces around with butterflies and flowers on the front of this neon pink storage unit , to promote playfulness and creativity. Sturdy and deep with maximum storage, and safe with rounded edges, this toy chest is a great solution to help your child keep their room tidy. Flip-top lid allows the toy chest to double as a bench. Safety is no issue here, this chest offers 2 safety hinges so the lid is sure to close slowly and safely. Playtime just got a whole lot neater.

Animal Cartoon Plush Frog Window Curtain Tieback

Just wrap the arms around the curtains and tie up them in place!
They also make great stroller, crib and car seat toys to keep your little ones busy during the day! A great final touch to any child`s room!


Secret Garden frog pond wall mural

Jumpin' Jive bedding

Decorate with fun mirrors

Frog Mirrors

Splashes out of Puddle Clock

Frog Clock Mirrors

Frog  mirrors -  variety of styles and sizes

lily pad theme bedroom - Extreme Makeover Team

Fun frog pond theme bedroom

 Dancing Frogs "Frogs 3ft " wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

Set of 8 Polywog Frog Dresser Drawer Cabinet Knobs

Frog Prince for the princess bedroom and/or the frog pond

Frog Prince Bookends

Bookends can decorate a 
table or shelf  or even use to hold up books

Frog Gatekeeper Bookends

  • Pair of superior frog gatekeeper bookends are decorative for both home and libraries

Fairytale Toddler Bedding Set

The frog prince is searching for his princess. A magical castle, playful frog prince, and bright colors make this fairytale  bedding set a sure favorite of your little princess.
Fairytale Toddler Bedding Set

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