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Saturday, June 9, 2012

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Komar  Dolomite Wall Mural cabin theme decorating ideas

Transform your room into a charming Swiss chalet, located slope side on the Alps! This trompe l'oeil wall mural creates the illusion that you are inside an adorably chic cabin with a glorious view of the mountains.

Log Cabin Rustic Theme Decorating ideas and rustic theme decor click here

hunting lodge cabin wall decorations-deers What the Rustic Style is All About

The rustic style draws inspiration from nature and wildlife.

 It incorporates a lot of wood and natural textures, as well as an earthy color palette.

Animal, leaf, fruit and flower motifs are very commonly used in this style.

Deer Crossing Tin Sign

River Large Window Wall Mural

Log Cabin Rustic Theme Decorating ideas and rustic theme decor click here

Lake Forest Lodge Mountain Logs Wallpaper

Hand hewn logs, beautiful with their knots and wood grain, stack one on top of the other; sealed with stucco at their joints for a cozy yet rustic décor statement. This log wallpaper may be installed either vertically or horizontally for the desired effect.  

Lake Forest Lodge Mountain Logs Wallpaper

 Mallard Duck String Light Set

These lights will add that little touch for any campground, backyard or cabin. Perfect for a themed christmas tree.

log cabin bedroom decorating ideas-rustic style log cabin theme decorating

The term rustic includes a whole lot of variations to the art. Since it takes inspiration from its surroundings, the style differs from place to place.

Woodland Cabin window wall mural decals

However, it is essentially a natural and forest inspired style.

hunting lodge cabin wall decorations-bears
The rustic style is all about warmth and comfort.

Hence, old style throws, quilts, blankets and duvets play an essential role in the look. 

hunting lodge cabin wall decorations-bearsFurniture with bear themes is very common in cabins and ranches where the rustic, wild look is preferred.

Forest scenes are also included in furniture sometimes, depending on the amount of space available for the design.

Bear carpets and rugs also bring a natural feel to a place. Bear wall murals can  make your walls look like they came right out of a forest.

Bring the peace and beauty of the lake into your home. Combine unique boat furniture with other rustic furniture to create a complete lake-inspired home style.

Once rustic and simple, the cabin is now comfortable and chic!

Early Morning Black Bears Mural   at murals your way

Early Morning Black Bears Mural Woolrich Hadley Plaid 4-piece Comforter Set

Boat Shelf Set  search at wayfair furniture

Boat Shelf Set

Lake Cabin Sofa Cover

Give your sofa a rustic makeover with the tapestry Lake Cabin Sofa Cover featuring vibrant lake scenes and red and green plaid.

deer furniture   -  search at  aliexpress

deer furniture

Glenroy Camouflage by Alamode Home at bedding superstore

Glenroy Camouflage by Alamode Home

Glenroy by Alamode makes every day an adventure. Simply add the unique and interesting Glenroy camouflage to your bedroom and you are ready for trip to the woods. The addition of the bright orange trim to the camo and the handy pocket on the solid section make Glenroy a natural choice to express your personality and your favorite hobby all at once. The pillow shams are also trimmed in orange to coordinate perfectly.  The toss cushion is orange with a pocket, one is a mix of the camo and green fabrics. The addition of the Bear burlap decorative cushion finish off the top of the bed.

Decorative solutions for your hunting, mountain, or ski lodge


create a complete lake-inspired home style

What cabin, lodge, or rustic style home would be complete without rustic furniture? Rustic bookcases and shelves are a great way to show off your collectables…books, art, souvenirs, photos, and more. Rustic shelving can really bring a room together to create a natural, stylish feel.

 rustic style home

Antler Lighting and bear lamps

Rustic furnishings


rustic lighting

Faux Antler Table Lamp

Put your love of the wilderness into the spotlight with beautiful cabin lighting.

Rustic Lighting - cabin lighting options, including 
rustic chandeliers, Antler Lighting, bear lamps, canoe lampsrustic candles.

Hunting lodge decor - Cabin decor - log cabin - rustic style decorating - camping in the northwoods style - bear decor - Antler decorWhat defines cabin decor?

Cabin decor doesn’t really even need to be in a cabin.

All it needs to do is create a rugged warmth and make a home feel like a rustic retreat in the woods, wherever it may be located.

It reflects a love of the outdoors, and most of all it makes a home feel welcoming and, well, homey.

Rustic and natural looks pay homage to nature and offer that cabin-in-the-woods feel, and that look can be accomplished with decorative accessories, raw finishes and nature themes.

Decorative elements like clocks, wall hangings, art and window treatments can all do a lot to create a natural look. Cabin decor also creates welcoming warmth with inviting colors, traditional looks and just the right lighting.

Lighting alone can work wonders - a soft glow from chandeliers, rustic lamps and wall sconces makes a home feel open and welcoming. Add in elements of comfort throughout the house - like throw pillows in the living room, rustic dinnerware in the kitchen and plush bears and moose to add children’s cabin decor to the kids’ room - and your house or cabin is suddenly looking like home.

cabin-in-the-woods feel decorating ideas

Cedar Traditional Beds

Rustic bedroom furniture full of natural character such as knots, burls, beetle tracks, deer and moose rubs plus other natural design elements born by Mother Nature!

Cedar bunk beds

cedar bunk beds rustic furniture log cabin furniture decorating northwoods style

Buck Deer Head Bust Wall Hanging

Buck Deer Head Bust Wall Hanging

This deer head  makes a great gift for any hunting fan or nature lover.

Cabin scene with a country lodge feel. log cabin - rustic style decorating - camping in the northwoods style - bear decor - Antler decor - Cabin decor - Hunting lodge decor

Animals are what give a cabin character. Deer, bears, eagles, ducks  are just a few of the many animal species found in the wilderness surrounding many cabins. Bringing these wild animals inside using a wall mural allows you to enjoy the wilderness at all times of the day.

There are many picturesque images of animals in their element. A large buck standing quietly beside a river surrounded by trees would make a nice decorating statement on the living room wall of your cabin. Or a pack of wolves howling at the moon in front of a mountain backdrop might be the perfect wall covering for over the fireplace or a wood burning stove. If you're a fan of bears, a mural hung on the kitchen wall featuring a cute family of black bears meandering through the woods would certainly bring the wilderness inside your cabin home.

October Memories wall mural from murals your way

Camp Bear Barn wood Bed

Bring a sense of the untamed wilderness into your rustic bedroom. Cabin scene with a country lodge feel accented with a little forest wildlife. Take your cabin bedroom from mundane ruggedness to rustic elegance

Cabin scene with a country lodge feel

Turn any room into a log cabin with this stunning Log Cabin Wall Mural! Get as rustic as you want as you turn your interior into a rustic wonder. This beautiful log wallpaper will add the finishing touches to any room. The 3dimentional qualities of this wallpaper are great! It even includes the ?chinking" or mortar in between the logs. What a cute idea for bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. You can create a room that will take you away from your everyday city life into the woods where you want to be. Even if you live in the woods you can turn your home into a log cabin the cheaper easier way.

 Log Cabin Rustic Theme Decorating ideas and rustic theme decor click here

Lodge and Cabin Bedding

variety of

Lodge and Cabin Bedding at bedding superstore 



Lodge and Cabin Bedding

Fun wall decoration for the fisherman

Fun wall decoration for the fisherman

The BIG Catch FLY Fishing Pole Photo Picture Holder Frame Themed Decor

Bring the feel of the camping ground into the bedroom.

Fun bedroom decorations for a little boys camp theme bedroom!

boys camp theme bedroom

Welcome To Camp Personalized Accent Mural
search at Steves Wallpaper & Murals


faux window decorating ideas

Create a relaxing window view when there is no view, or window.

A mural or poster placed behind the false window will give the effect of a beautiful view.

Accent further with a branch or twig, spray painted color choice.

Tie up window curtains for a ease of hanging.

And waaalla! 


The same can be done with the walls, create a doorway with a view

faux window decorating ideas

wildlife, fishing, hunting

rustic cabin in the camping woods theme bedroom

Black Bear slumber Bag

Black Bear slumber Bag

Wildlife lovers can really snuggle up in our plush and warm zippered slumber bags. Each comes with a separate stuffed animal or pillow and carrying case.

Moose Nod Chair
A moose in your house might not seem like a welcome sight. But a Moose Nod Chair is a different animal altogether. Featuring a soft, comfy construction and a playful moose design,  it's the perfect wild touch to a playroom or kids' room.

Moose Nod Chair  campiing wilderness bedroom furniture

Day Trip Plush Canoe at the land of nod

Day Trip Plush Canoe fun playroom furniture kids rooms

A make-believe outdoor excursion isn't complete without our Day Trip Plush Canoe. Spend hours pretending to paddle down roaring rapids with the help of an ultra plush canoe and oar.

Reversible Canvas Floor Bin Round Woodgrain

Reversible Canvas Floor Bin Round Woodgrain
 search at Target

The kids' storage bin can hold building bricks, action figures, plastic ponies, or whatever you need corralling.

Logs Shape Pillows - Birch log pillow - Platanus log pillows


Now you can sleep like a log when you relax your head and neck on this log shaped pillow. Bolster pillow features realistic three dimensional print.

Tree Shape Design Multi-purpose One Set Throw Pillows

kids teepee cabin bed  visit Amazon UK for a variety of fun beds

This awesome Children's Tent Cabin Bed is the perfect centerpiece in any kids bedroom.
The cloth side wall opens up as a canopy which is held up by 2 poles. It can easily be taken down and the cloth rolled up and fastened with strips.
The bed also doubles up, with a sliding second bed underneath, so it's great for sleepovers
Log Cabin Retreat Mural

Log Cabin Retreat Mural at murals your way

Cabin Tent Bed camping bedroom camping tent bed

Camp theme deor from The Land of Nod

floor cushion woodsy Log seat - Dapper Raccoon Pillow -
The S'more the Merrier Campfire Set

Camping Theme Rooms

Bull Moose wall mural at murals your way

Nature Lodge Quilt Bull Moose wall mural log cabin northwoods decorating ideas

Nature Lodge Quilt search at  the land of nod Boys Bedding

Bring a bit of the outdoors into your bedroom with the Nature Lodge Quilt. Featuring a combination of intricate embroidery and beautiful applique, it's adorned with some of nature's favorite animals.

cardboard animal heads - variety

modern style rustic cabin in the camping woods theme bedroom

variety of forest wall murals at murals your way

camping theme bedroom decorating ideas-boys camping themed bedroom

Tree Murals - tree wall decals

camping theme bedroom decorating ideas-boys camping themed bedroom

camping wall murals at magic murals

Camo Dreams Toddler Bedding Set Camouflage Bears

Toddler Reversible Bedding Set Woodland Creature

Glenna Jean North Country 3 Piece Crib Set

Glenna Jean North Country 3 Piece Crib Set

Your little adventurer with love this woodland themed collection. Whimsical honey bears in shades of mocha, slate, azure and celery roam the forest. Bumper, quilt and rail guards are trimmed with silver corded piping.  Quilt back is super soft cream fabric.  Bumper ties are celery green grosgrain ribbon.  Wall decor includes a variety of art including fabric covered canvases, framed prints with glass, and large wall decals.

Pine Tree Metal Wall Decor - variety

Pine Tree Metal Wall Decor

Transform any room from the bath to the den into a cozy, woodland getaway. An entire pine forest has been recreated in subtly dimensional metal and painted to give it a walk in the woods look you ll enjoy all year round

Nature Trail  - toddler Bedding - crib bedding -  at the land of nod

Nature Trail  - toddler Bedding - crib bedding

the quilt features an embroidered woodland scene with forest trees made from appliquéd gauze, for a playful and textured look. The fitted sheet has a charming forest themed print and the coordinating crib skirt has printed geometric tree branches.

tree playhouse canopy

Transplanting this huge tree playhouse into your living room is a great idea. It features playful embroidered details, and plenty of room for your little ones to play. We tried transplanting an actual tree into the living room, but this playhouse worked much better.

kids teepee cabin bed  visit Amazon UK for a variety of fun beds

kids teepee cabin bed

This amazing, luxury Kids Teepee Tent Bed from Wood, is the ultimate designer feature bed for any kids room. Constructed from solid pine in white veneer, your little adventurers will love this bed, with its lookout holes at either end and hideaway teepee features. The exposed pine frame gives an authentic look, perfect for cowboys and cowgirls to hang up their hat after a hard days play!

rustic style living room-northwoods themed rooms-camping theme

mountain retreat style decorating ideas

trophy wall lamp hunting theme decor log cabin decorations

A new take on a cultural icon, this hand-molded resin lamp is also a striking piece of art.

snow mountain wall painting wallpaper mural

for more decorating ideas and decor also visit

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